Born Call

Lee Jun-fan

Nick Name

Bruce Lee, Little Dragon


Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940.


Bruce Lee passed away at the age of 32 on July 20, 1973, at Kowloon Tong, Hong Kongas a result of analytical edema.

Sun Sign


Birthed Location

Chinatown, San Francisco, The Golden State, United States


Education and learning

Bruce Lee went to the Tak Sun Institution in Hong Kong. At the age of 12, he obtained registered at the high school, La Salle College. Nevertheless, due to his inadequate scholastic record, he had to transfer to St. Francis Xavier’s University.

After relocating to the United States, he got enrolled at the Edison Technical Institution (later obtained called Seattle Central Neighborhood College). In December 1960, he graduated from high school.

In March 1961, he obtained admission at the University of Washington. He finished from College with a major in drama. He additionally researched Western as well as Eastern viewpoint at the College.

He began taking training in Wing Chun martial arts at the age of 16 from the legendary martial musician, Yip Guy.

Line of work

Martial artist, thinker, actor, supervisor, screenwriter and producer


  • Dad— Lee Hoi-chuen (Opera and also Movie Star)
  • Mother— Elegance Ho
  • Siblings— Phoebe Lee (Older Sister), Agnes Lee (Older Sister), Peter Lee (Older Brother), Robert Lee (Younger Brother) (Musician)






5 feet 7 1/2 in or 171 centimeters


64 kg or 141 lbs

Girlfriend/ Spouse

Bruce Lee has actually dated– Linda Lee

  • Cadwell (1964-1973)– Bruce Lee initially met his better half Linda Lee Cadwell at the University of Washington, where she was studying to come to be an educator. She began taking Lee’s fighting styles classes as well as right after they had actually begun dating. In August 1964, they got wed in a small and also intimate wedding. In 1965, she gave birth to a son, Brandon Lee. Their child Shannon Lee was birthed in 1969. After his fatality, she functioned tirelessly to advertise his martial arts design and to make his heritage prominent.

Race/ Ethnic background


On his daddy’s side, he had Cantonese ancestry, while on his mommy’s side, he was of Cantonese as well as German descent.

Hair Shade


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Toned body
  • Quick reflexes


His body measurements can have been– Chest– 41

  • in or 104 centimeters Arms/ Arms– 14.5 in or 37 cm
  • Waistline– 32 in or 81 centimeters Footwear Size Unidentified Brand name Recommendations In 2008, Nokia made use of Bruce Lee’s old footage to heading their internet-based project. The auto giant, Mazda

    did the very same thing in 2013 for their TELEVISION commercial. Nevertheless, when scotch brand, Johnnie Walker released their new TV adverts, in which they used reincarnated Lee(resurrected from old footages), ittriggered fairly a dispute. Faith Atheist Finest Understood For Being just one of the most preferred

    and also significant martial artists . Having actually starred in a number of commercially successful flicks such as The Big Manager(1971), Fist of Fury (1971)as well as Enter the Dragon(1973). Being just one of one of the most enduring pop icons

    of the 20 th century.

    Developing the

    notorious one-inch punch with which he

  • might strike a brutal impact while his fist just took a trip one inch.
  • First Movie In 1969, Bruce made his very first movie appearance in a starring duty in neo-noir motion picture, Marlowe. Initial TV Show From 1966 to 1977, Lee appeared in 26 episodes as superhero Kato on ABC activity series,
  • The Green Hornet. Personal Trainer Bruce Lee’s fanaticism towards his physical fitness and conditioning is well known. He focused on all elements of physical fitness to progress right into a versatile as well as total athlete. Like every leading professional athlete

of his days

, he laid special emphasis on running. He made use of to run regarding 4 miles in 20 to 25 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays,

as well as Fridays. Much like modern period training, he made use of to vary pace and also speed of running to get a far better cardio workout. He was a large fan of rope jumping,which in addition to enhancing his stamina also helped him stay light

on his feet. He utilized to jump rope on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and also Saturdays for around half an hour. The rope leaping was adhered to by biking, which assisted function his leg muscles a lot more. He utilized to cycle for around a quarter of an hour at broadband. In regards to integrating weight training right into his regime, Bruce Lee was well ahead of the contour. He relied heavily on reverse hold curls to develop his lower arms. Nevertheless, he really did not like to focus on a solitary body part as well as rather utilized to educate his whole body in rotating day workouts. According to diet plan, he made use of to consume 4 to 5 times a day. Likewise, he really did not steer clear of carbohydrates for healthy protein and also thought that carbs were really vital for a person as physically active as him. He had additionally created his own variation of protein drinks to supplement his weightlifting regime. Bruce Lee Favorite Things His favorite points are

n’t known. Bruce Lee Information Lee was an accomplished cha-cha dancer and also had also won Hong Kong champion in 1958. While on a boat to America, he used to educate cha-cha to fellow guests to earn some added cash money. His fighting styles training center in Los Angeles was preferred.

Apparently, he made use of to bill steep $250 per hour. He has actually trained some leading actors such as James Bond star George Lazenby as well as had provided suggestions to Chuck Norris too. In his teenage years, he was well-known for obtaining involved in road fights. He had to leave Hong Kong since he had offered

brutal beating to a son of been afraid Triad mobster

. The Mortal Kombat video game creators had established Liu Kang character as a homage to Lee

  1. . Likewise, there was a personality influenced by him in Super Street Competitor II: The New Oppositions video game. He can doing pushups while having a 250 pounds man on his back.
  2. He likewise can do push-ups with just one finger. In 2014, the Houston Boxing Hall Of Fame declared him the Greatest Movie Fighter Ever before after a ballot procedure including previous and present fighters connected with them. It is commonly believed that his fight with Wong Jack Male
  3. , who had arguments with Lee teaching non-Chinese students, had actually influenced the development of Jeet Kune Do. He intended to create even more flexible and practical martial arts create. His unforeseen as well as stunning
  4. fatality gave birth to numerous wild reports that included being killed by the Chinese mafia and being cursed by the evil spirits. The previous gotten more list below after his kid Brandon’s unforeseen death. In January 2009, it was introduced that
  5. his youth house in Hong Kong would be preserved and also opened up as a tourist spot. The preservation as well as remediation job
  6. was funded by benefactor Yu Pang-lin. He was not a follower of doing conventional fighting style feats such as breaking wood boards due to the fact that he felt that there was no connection between martial arts as well as
  7. such feats. While he was training under the assistance of Yip Male, he regularly faced discrimination from Yip’s various other pupils because of his blended origins. A few of them even declined to train with him. In October 1997, Realm UK Publication placed him on the 100th area in the listing of” Top 100 Motion Picture Stars of All Time “. He didn’t produce his fabulous nunchaku-wielding routine. He had actually adapted it from an additional popular karate master, Hidehiko”Hidy”Ochiai. He had met him during martial arts competition at YMCA in Los Angeles. In November 2005, to recognize Lee on his 65th birthday celebration wedding anniversary, a bronze statuary was introduced in Hong Kong. Additionally, his sculpture was set up in Bosnia in September 2004. In 1963, he published his first publication, Chinese Gung-Fu
  8. : The Thoughtful Art of Self Defense. Visit his main web site @ which is run by his family. Bruce Lee’s updates can be obtained from his household’s account on Twitter, Facebook, as well as Instagram
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